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The Day I lost my Mother

All this week, I have felt such a heaviness in my heart and spirit coming up to May 6th – this was the last day that I spent with my Mother. May 6th of 2017 was on a Saturday, it was such a busy week and I was exhausted mentally and physically. My Mother had […]

Loving Myself

I can only speak for myself but it has been 45 days since I have been home and not working due to Covid-19. I am only one of the millions that has been thrust into the pool of unemployment. I am surprised that I was not as upset to be laid off. After the initial […]


It is 12:00AM on Monday, April 13th, lavender oil diffuser sending relaxing and calming breezes thru out the air aiding in me to relax and prepare for another day. Since I have not been going to work I have been staying up later (I am somewhat of a night owl anyway). I am amazed that […]